Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

We are here to motivate and be motivated; to inspire and be inspired. Whatever that means to you, that’s what Slinky is.

What is Project Slinky?
It was an initial act of bringing together a collection of current work from a diverse range of people, in a diverse range of media, in a diverse state of completion. The first in a series of events of what was to become The Slinky Collective.

So what’s The Slinky Collective, then?
Basically, it’s a collective gathered in the interest of doing, making, seeing, experiencing or otherwise participating in something cultural, interesting, inspiring,
wacky, creative. Or perhaps asinine fun. The thought is to meet semi-regularly (TBD) as a way to get ourselves to DO something — whatever that doing might be — and in the process, enjoy the process. See other’s people’s process. Learn from the process. And then do that process all over again.

This has been a long time coming. Slinky was born from the idea of bringing together creative folks for the expirimental hell of it — imagined over a year ago and only now realized. Some wacky folks, each with their own particular projects on the side, were wondering how to go about coming together and sharing individual experiences for a common benefit. They were all working toward something, but had no idea how to move forward.

So, long story short, they decided to enlist a bunch of folks to get together in a room, share their stuff, see what happens.

It worked.

Why “Slinky”?
Thought you’d never ask. The Slinky is the most apt metaphor for this group I can think of. It’s not revolutionary, but is brilliant in its simplicity. Composed of nothing but single rungs and seemingly individual coils (really all united from a singlular piece), the slinky has the capacity to harness great energy. A single coil alone goes nowhere, but taken together, these coils create a visual manifestation of one of the greatest laws of physics: conservation of energy (kinda). Momentum. Progress. All it takes is one little finger to set it in motion, and it will slink on forever (provided neverending stairs.) Also, it’s the “starting” that requires the most amount of energy – rather than climbing up stairs, once it gets going, it only gets easier and easier for it to make distance. Consider this your finger.

Plus – and this is a huge “plus” – it’s FUN — ! — it’s a slinky for goodness sake.
Go, Slinky, go!

We’re just tryin’ to leverage momentum from each other and continue on down the stairs, yo. If you’d like to fuel and be fueled by the momentum of a creative group, please email us.

What will it be? Whatever we want it to be. A showing, semi-regular meetings where we review work, motivate, ask/answer questions, confront problems, seek inspiration, bounce ideas around, or just hang out with other cool “creative” folks.

How will it work? We don’t know. Help us figure it out.

What can I work on? Anything! Art to “art.” Goofiness to Honest to Goodness Life’s Work. A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

What’s the time commitment? How often will we meet? We don’t know! It’s a “work in process” so to speak. We’ll determine it as we go.

Will you give me money to do my work? Uh… maybe eventually when we’re and start an endowment fund.

Will you get me published? We’re not Dave Eggars, sorry to disappoint. Will we help you reach a goal of yours, be it publication or something else? Well, damn straight – that’s the point, if you want that to be the point.

Will it be serious or fun? Duh! Both. It’s a Slinky, remember? Laws of Physics + Rainbow Colored Plastic Children’s Toy = Slinky!

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