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20 Dates in 20 Days in 20 Words: an Experiment in Online Dating and Succinctness, but Love: Not So Much

(the 20/20/20 project)

What are the rules for modern dating? What do those rules say about contemporary culture? How has the proliferation of digital interaction changed the definition of human connection? What is it we’re all after?

Or, maybe a more pertinent question: how the hell do I find a date?

I decided to find out.

For the first time in my adult life, I found myself single.

This led me to, of course, be completely puzzled and fascinated as to this funny thing called “dating.”

My original intention was to write a trend article about online dating. I had a couple of friends that had used the internet to find dates, but I figured they were an anomaly.

I was wrong.

The more I spoke with people, the more I realized just how ubiquitous online dating really is. I became interested in the evolution of the personal ad — from newpaper to digital– and what meaning, if any, could be gleaned from all of this.

Inspired after watching 24 Hours on Craigslist, I was bound and determined to utilize the defining tool of my generation – a technology so integrated into our daily life it has begun to shape our social one – and learn about connections, connecting, and connectivity.

Post an ad on Craigslist and go on 20 online dates in 20 dates and write about each one — in exactly 20 words. You can view them all in reverse chronological order here. I’m currently writing a narrative for each date, and am attempting to get the collection published.

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