Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

UPDATED 22.June.2011

What am I doing?

Doing social experiment
projects for writing fodder.

Why am I doing it?
I am curious about stuff.

An on and off stage experiment in identity: quitting my job, changing my name and physical appearance, conducting hundreds of interviews asking two little questions: Who are you, how do you know? You can take part here.

” – Working on bringing my one-woman-show “BURST” to the Bay Area. More info here.

“Unthinkable Loss”
Less of a project, and more of an act of survival: chronicling the sudden and unexpected loss of my brother.

“Slinky Collective”
Please visit the Official Slinky website for current Slinky events and information [website might be bunk]

“Couch-Hopping Around the World”
This city slickster turned vagabond intends to take all the people she knows up on their offer to “come visit some time” — all around the world. From New Mexico to New York; from Nebraska to Vietnam, follow her as she takes Not Keeping Score on the road. RETIRED: had to give up when I went back to corporate America and got a “real job” [ ::scoff:: ]

NaNoWriMo 2009
FAILED: Went on a Caribbean vacation, instead.

“Life More Novel”
I wrote a half-ass 50,000 word novel, so now what? Named after the working title of my NaNoWriMo project (see below) I now embark upon the hard part: getting my manuscript done– really done. (This one might take awhile). COMPLETED: August 2009 with the opening of “BURST”, Shannon’s one-woman-show that evolved from this original novel attempt.

“Project Muu-Muu”
Buy muu-muu (muu-mai?) from Goodwill. Wear them for a week. Pictures included. RETIRED: 2008

“NaNoWriMo Two”
Another year, another 50,000 words. (Gulp) UPDATE 2007: Oops. Failed.

“The Perspective Fund”
If time really did equal money, how much of yours would you want to spend complaining? I will add $5 to my “fund” (aka, shoe box) every time I needlessly bitch, whine, or complain about a physical problem — love handles, acne, knobby knees — or quotidian problems clearly beyond my control — traffic, a hole in my sock, the price of gas — etc. This project aims to make me aware of just how much time/money I “willingly” throw away. At the end of six months the accumulated funds will be donated to charity. COMPLETED: August 2008 ($100 donated to Sonoma Mt. Zen Center)

“NaNoWriMo” aka “How To Write a Novel in 30 Days”
Participate in National Novel Writing Month and get that novel down on paper. By any means possible… COMPLETED: November 30, 2006

“Poetry (Oh no! Not poetry!)”
What happens when a young San Franciscan mixes codeine, vicodin and alcohol? Will she become a brilliantly depressed writer or just produce pathetically bad poetry? Let’s find out. COMPLETED July 2006

“Project JetSet”
Go, go, go! This spunky travel-whore plans to travel to as many “foreign” places as is possible in the next 30 days or so, and write about each one, perhaps in its own appropriately corresponding genre. (We’ll see how she feels.) Bear in mind that “foreign” is a relative concept… plans so far include LA, San Diego, Sonoma County (don’t worry, she DOES plan to leave California), Seattle; Hanoi, Vietnam, Laos and Bangkok. Got a travel suggestion? COMPLETED May 2006.

“Project Slinky”
Get a bunch of creative people together and do creative things. Everyone show up with something, anything, creative, and see what inspiration it sparks. This could entail monthy “assignments” and sharings, work critique sessions, gallery events, working on the same theme with different mediums, working in the same meeting on theme of your choice. Read the Slinky Manifesto in its current form. COMPLETED March 25, 2006 (but project has become The Slinky Collective. Visit the site here. [Site broken])

“20 Dates in 20 Days in 20 Words: an Experiment in Online Dating and Succinctness, but Love: Not So Much”
Follow this adventurous newly-single urban female as she attempts to go on 20 online dates in 20 days… and describe it in 20 words, exactly — the first in a series about the blossoming world of online dating, what defines our current generation, and perhaps some profound insights on what we’re all looking for: a little bit of human connection. COMPLETED 12/2005 (More about the Project here. All the dates in reverse chronological order here.)

“The Love Project”
Connectivity, online dating, mortality, prostitution, my grandmother, “The Whatever Generation,” heartbreak, Maxim magazine, fate, lesbians, party supply stores, confidence, The Financial Times, opiates, Craigslist, birth control, Quarter Life Crisis, SF Public Library, bourbon, spontaneity, digital technology, therapy, Waking Life, time, dog food, and of course, writing. THIS PROJECT WAS OFFICIALLY COMPLETED 2/2006 (Everthing in the category can be found here.) It is a grand over-arching Project on the definitions, manifestations, and consequences of one our most primal and complex emotions. Includes such sub-projects as:

“Poetry to a Transvestite Prostitute”
What I really want to do is interview the various transvestitve prostitutes that frequent my block and write a stunning article profiling the secret life of–however, I am a coward. Until I get up the courage I am writing, to one in particular (named “Candy”), an ongoing narrative and poetic tribute.
COMPLETED: 2/2006 (More about the Project here. Read the entire collection of poems and narratives in reverse chronological order here.

OTHER PROJECT IDEAS (that will probably never happen):
“Project Furlong”
In tribute to both the actor and unit of measurement, there will be a national (international?) spread of the image of Edward Furlong (actor, hearthrob, PETA activist) at furlong-long intervals (equal to 201.16800 meters. ) in major metropolitan cities–or where ever people want to get their Furlong on. More here.
UPDATE: (At the request of a NKS reader this project has been moved up in priority. We will, cross our hearts and hope to die, try to launch Project Furlong ASAP in the new year.)
UPDATE #2 Nov. 2009: Sadly, Project Furlong is being retired before it has even launched. [Sniff. Miss you I.G.]

“So What if David Byrne Did it First, I Still Think it’s a Good Idea: PowerArt with PowerPoint”
Think you’re creative? Okay, hop on board: open call for making art with our favorite Microsoft product: PowerPoint. Blend an abstract color palette, create an illustrative narrative, incorporate video and sound, draw a face with only pointer arrows in minimalist fashion, videotape yourself clicking through slides as a statement about Becket and intertextuality — whatever. Let your mind run wild within the medium of PowerPoint.

“Generation Now”
What are the defining characteristics of this generation of 20-30-somethings that posses — now more than ever — access to information, the (dis)priviladge of opportunity, and the perpetual shifting of global, political, and personal boundaries? Is it diversity? Dissatisfaction? Connectedness? Welcome to your quarter life crisis.
UPDATE: This project doesn’t need to be launched. Your humble site author is living it every day.

“20/20/20 Hindsight”
Filling in the gaps when 20 words wouldn’t suffice. Narratives and insights — including a handy pdf online guide to Craigslist dating — from San Francisco’s newest Craigslist dating ingenue. (See 20 Dates in 20 Days in 20 Words, above)

“The Drunk Radio Shack™ Experiment”
Another [I.G.] original. Basically nothing much more than get drunk and visit every Radio Shack™ in San Francisco. Why? Because it’s fun to look at wire splitters whilst intoxicated.

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