Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

I love it all.
I love color and I love darkness. I love light and I love form. I love yoga. I love breath. I love working. I love naps. I love sending an email at work, and writing “cheers!” at the end of it. I love helping people. I love doing quality, quality work.
I love hot tubs and early mornings. I love the blessing of friends. I love MY friends. I love meditation and sitting in the grass. I love bugs! I love the cat, even when she meows and wakes me up. I love peanut butter and bananas. I love struggle, and the knowledge that releasing into it can bring growth. I love humility.
I love driving home. I love roadsigns. I love coffee, especially when you have a special mug. I love spiders and I love cowboy boots. I love relief. I love crying. I love, love, love laughter.
I love my small hands, and eating cereal, and very simple moments. I love even my cubic at work, and powerpoints and pointless meetings. I love center.
I even love my own bullshit. I love that it makes me human, and imperfect, which reminds me that I’m perfect, jut so. I love others peoples bullshit even more! I love seeing people as people and how varied and rich they are. I love that color between yellow and green.
I love this moment, and everything in it. I love my parents, and my losses, and my gifts, and the deep privilege I have to be able to pass on love. I love gratitude! I love mashed potatoes, and I love music, and I love a smile.

I LOVE green tea.

(I love acceptance, terrycloth robes, and ginger. I really, really love dancing)

I love falling.

I love letting go.

I love clarity.

I even love the confusion that started it all.

I love exactly. The way. Things are.

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