Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

As is custom…

Happy New Year!

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10 Comments to “Year in Review: 2008”

  1. Ed Coletti says:

    Dear Shannon,

    Wonderful spirit, creativity, humor, and newsy at the same time. Congratulations. Keep it up. Happy New Year.

    Ed Coletti

  2. Mark Gunnion says:

    Great idea! The “family letter” works very well as a youtube concept. This is the first one I’ve ever seen done this way!

    You’re an innovator. I think this is gonna catch on and spread like wildfire. Soon, millions and millions of trees worldwide will be saved by the video family letter. Shannon, you’re a world-saver!

    Here’s hoping we can co-name something in this big, new year. And give Patches a little scratch between the ears for me.

    Happy Solar Orbits to All!

    Mark Gunnion
    Geyserville, CA

  3. Julie Willhite says:

    Thanks Shannon, for being inspiring, concise and authentic all wrapped up in a beautiful package.

    From the Santa cruz Front:
    Teaching French, Juniors and Seniors in Watsonville
    Teaching English, Freshman in Casroville
    Doing yoga, african dance, got certified as a kundalini yoga instructor
    getting my masters in education
    attempting self-discipline and excercising one hour a day
    also attempting fasting/cleansing- one day and counting
    no romantic encounters for awhile
    enjoying cuddling with friends
    my dad
    and snowy white mountains with some occasional acrobatics
    the end-
    grateful for you and your creative self-expression
    love julie

  4. Kunal says:

    Wonderful, as always.
    I promise you my 2008 update very soon!
    Hello from India!

  5. Mark Barbeau says:

    As always, you ROCK! All the best from Mark & Loryn (she’s down with the handstand thing too!)

  6. David Simoni says:

    Shannon, you make me smile! I love your creative self-expression! Aren’t we due for a Boggle game?

    I just got a job recently working at the California Academy of Sciences (http://www.calacademy.org/). I’m one of the presenters in the planetarium. Didn’t know much about astronomy before getting the job. I’m certainly learning a lot now!

    Keep reaching for the stars!

  7. Aunt Penni says:

    Well, you have done it again. Great synopsis of your year. I am waiting for that oral history of OR Hopkin. It will be super, I am sure.
    I will give you the best complement I can….you are looking so much like your mother, my beautiful sister.
    Love, P

  8. vince says:

    Nice1. Good medium and more entertaining than a round robin. You hair looks fab. Keep them eyes twinklin. Love from the UK as we sail into ’09: full steam ahead making a course to see you on the other side of the Atlantic this summer. Vince

  9. alia says:

    yo! simple year? with all that travel and creativity? I think not! As always, your doings are inspired, motivated, and beautifully well-rounded…
    (whilst your body remains streamlined and sleek). And keeping on the superficial theme for a moment, vince is right. Your hair does look great! I just love this visual letter… makes me smile. I CAN’T WAIT TO PROPERLY CATCH UP WHEN WE ARRIVE! Are you going to be around at the end of summer? I know plans can change, but…. maybe?
    LOVE alia

  10. Nathaniel says:

    Howdy-do Shannon, and happy new year too. I’m totally psyched to have found an old friend turned fellow blogger, though ashamed to say mine is of no comparison to yours in terms of personal insight and well, personality in general. Best of luck in Vietnam, I shall be following your journey as closely as the interwebs allow.

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