Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

We’re not even through the first week, and already our wordcounts are piling up. Gadzooks! The NaNoWriMo site is so busy that they’ve disabled some of the features, so I can’t install a geeky-neato wordtracker widget. Guess I’ll have to track by hand.

Our writers (in no particular order):

Coming from Boulder, Colorado, we have (drum roll) Robin! Robin is a rock-climbing virtuoso, a foodie extraordinaire, and was recently published in Elephant magazine. Robin just got engaged this year and loves her dogs more than life. Welcome, Robin!

Next up, from Phoenix, Arizona, is Kate! (Sound of crowd cheering). Kate has a heart of gold and a tongue of fire. By day (and night) she is a nurse at one of the nation’s top-rated facilities, Mayo Clinic. On being a nurse she writes, “being a nurse was rated one of the top 10 sexiest jobs in the US of A, right under musician.”

Speaking of musician, our next participant is a composer and pianist (make sure to pronounce that ‘t’): Ian! He comes to NaNoWriMo from Pacifica, California. Ian reports that his most favorite thing (besides writing, music, and his stunningly beautiful girlfriend) is singing “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music while making lists of his favorite things.

Last, but not least, is your pretentious author, Shannon. She writes a blog (I’m not going to provide a link… you’re already there…here… and in fact if you really don’t know anything about me then I’m surprised you’re even reading this blog.)

Okay, participants! With the first week mark fast approaching, we have a first count in. The numbers, please!

Kate: TBD (as yet unreported) UPDATED 10/5/08: 4024

Robin: 4,093

Ian: 9,457

Shannon: 14,173*

Stay tuned to see how these word-o-maniacs progress! Until then… NaNoAway!

*<font size=”1″>Note: It only appears that Shannon is in the lead because of the bias reporting of this liberal media outlet

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