Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Currently working on Self-ish, my new solo show. In research gathering phase. Wanna participate? Click here to let me know who are you and how do you know?

A little blurb about the still-being-created show to whet your appetite:

In order to become a superhero, X first needs an identity: “Superman can’t be Superman without a Clark Kent,” so she goes to Earth to find one in a kind of “superhero vision quest.”

Hoping that the people of Earth can help point the way, X begins asking everyone she meets about what this crazy little thing called a“me” is. With tones both savvy and innocent, Self-ish is about X’s quest to attain Superhero-hood in a journey that explores how we all come to discover and understand how we know who we are.

As background research for the show, performer Gray quit her job, changed her name and physical appearance, and is conducting hundreds of interviews—continuing through closing night of the show—asking two seemingly simple questions: who are you, and how do you know? (You, too, can take part at:http://www.whoareyouhowdoyouknow.com/)

Self-ish is being presented as a work-in-progress. (Aren’t we all…)

* * *

Gray is an Oakland-based performance artist and writer. It has been said of her: “She is not an ordinary human being… She has the spunk of Punky Brewster, the mind of General Patton, and the awkward neuroticism of Woody Allen. She is lively, honest — full of piss and vinegar.” (Scott Lifton, producer of Mortified SF)

(More info on Gray here).


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