Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

For anyone out there following along, the race has been getting hard these past few miles, and keeps getting harder from here on out. The inclines get steeper, the track slicker, and — well, let’s just say we’re getting holes in our socks.

I’ve actually lost track (no pun intended) with my running mates over the past few days because I have fallen behind in my desired progress. Work came up with a vengence again, and I’ve made such scant progress that I’ve eaten into the padding I gave myself over the weekend… in fact as of tonight I’m behind on where I “should” be.

If we’re pacing ourselves at ~1600 words per day, I should be at 13,336. Sadly, I’m turning off the computer for the evening just short at 13,302. I just can’t go on. No, no — I really can’t. I saved any words left in my fingertips for you good people on my blog. In fact, I’m so worded out, I don’t even have the energy to finish this sent

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2 Comments to “Week Two Blues”

  1. Alex says:

    Whose assbag idea was it to make this novel writing month the same one as the month Sony and Nintendo decide to launch their new hardware? Thus completely negating any free time I might have until mid-December.

    Of course, that’s just an excuse, a way for me to not just admit that I’m an utter failure at speed-fiction. I’m envious of you and your competitors in a way you’ll never know.

    Insert obligatory-yet-legitimate “you go girl” sentiment here.

  2. mamma R squared says:

    Alas, I did not realize it was novel writing month until I logged onto your blog for the first time in 20 days….

    *sob* and to think this is probably the last November I will ever have the time to do something so creatively frivolous.

    Maybe when Darian is grown

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