Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

I’m doing some work for a couple of Web 2.0 companies, and finding myself, well — 2.0verwhelmed.

I like to think of myself as a fairly savvy technology user, but I have to admit that more and more I have to “educate myself” to keep up.

It all started when I ripped off all of my pictures and deleted my profile on MySpace in order to protest the clusterfuck of design and visual narcissism that pervades, and is required of, myspace users *[1]

I declared my official non-participation with MySpacedom; I would “sign-off” from virtual society;

I decided I would not get a Facebook profile, (Oops), because, honestly, can anyone tell me the point? I already have an old Friendster profile that lies dormant, a “big-kid” work-oriented Linked In and (for those global connections) a Xing profile. Do I really need to get on Multiply, Bebo and Xanga, etc. etc.? ‘Spose I should join The Hub, just in case.

But if 2006 was the Year of social networking sites, Newsweek has declared 2007 likely to be the “Year of the Widget”. Widgets have evolved beyond a clock that emerges when you hit your Dashboard F12 key (for us Mac users) — there are pregnancy countdown widgets, music playlist widgets, and “Smart Blog” widgets that make your blog UltraSuperSavvy, like instantly populating your site with pictures relevant to text.

In this new era of widgets, I didn’t want to be left in the cold; God forbid my blog contain “merely” text. And although I have an inkling that no widget could save me from the title of “Un-smart Blog,” I’ve created my own blidget (blog widget), available on the sidebar, for your very own NKS viewing pleasure.


*[1] (The profile has since been, sighingly, restablished after I 1) actually had have it for — get this — my job and 2) a friend complained about looking at the little gray shadow that haunted my old mug shot location on her “Friends” page.)

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