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“Suddenly, the World’s All a-Twitter” (Newsweek)

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I’ve set up a Twitter account. (Feed can also be viewed in right sidebar). There is… just… so much to say… In fact — I need a moment. Watch this while I collect myself:

(From Common Craft)

“Real life happens between blog posts and email”? Whell, pardon me, I have to get back to real life… right after I update my twitter telling everyone I’m “getting back to real life.”

Carla needs help.

Micro-blogging gives me the creeps, and anxiety attacks, alternatively.

“Twitter means you never have to read long messages” – Thank goodness. Our society wasn’t attention-deprived enough.

If I don’t like someone enough to read more than 140 characters, I certainly don’t want to know when they are having coffee, listening to Van Halen, catching a plane, or taking a crap.

* * *


@thescore: i <3 Twitter-what Web2.0 is about: Narcissism, voyeurism, procrastination, escapism; Reader’s Digests of blogs indicative of shrinking attn spans–

–I’d elaborate, but I’ve just gone over 140 characters.

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  1. Kari says:

    Amen! Dummies. I just call them or write long notes on FaceBook that only my relatives and closer friends read. Haha

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