Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

I don’t even have to know you. Or know your email address. Or whether you are a .mac Maniac, an @Yahoo yahoo, or a hotmail Has-Been — I can already read your eFuture:





Pardon me for making assumptions. Perhaps you’re perfectly happy in the confused waters of Comcast ( “is it @comcast.net or .com? .net? I think it’s .net…”) or still paying for an email account with AOL. Fine by me. But if you’d like to join the rest of society, do yourself the favor and sign up for Not.A.Loser@Gmail.com — otherwise, you are.

Or so it seems to be the sentiment these days. I’m a freelance, writer, and freelance writer. I’m also a dedicated Mac girl. Have been since ’88 when I’d use “free-study time” in elementary school to play Alphabet Search on our classroom Apple IIe. And I’ve been pretty happy with my .mac account and using mac mail.

But according to this guy (Paul Boutin from ValleyWag), and dozens of acquaintances who are cooler than I, it’s imperative to do the ole G-Switch. Who am I to argue?

I give. Gmail has some pretty cool features: storage capacity, embedded IM, and that “incredible” search function everyone is always raving about. To tell you the truth, I don’t think Gmail is all that exciting. Sure! It’s great! I can be one of the cool kids! But I also can’t access my past emails unless I have Internet access and, and, and… it’s not pretty.

Where’s my sleek steel & aqua GUI?

Fine. I concede. And for those of you who realize you’ll be socially ostracized if you don’t switch, too, let me point you to A to G — a handy time-saving converter app that allows you import your Address Book files (mac) to Gmail.

Enjoy! And welcome to the (G)club.

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