Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

As I (slowly but surely) update NKS, I am dazzled by the easy easy easy new widget-infused WordPress that makes my blog-writing job, well, easy ( <–see the italics, right there? I didn’t even bother with the html. Just clicked a button. Thssss):

Multiple media-file uploading, souped up spam filter by Askimet, automatic upgrades, purty-purty design templates — STOP, you’re making me hot.

They’re right, over there at WordPress: “Code is poetry” — but not having to deal with it is music to my ears.

That was an awful analogy. I apologize.

As you can see, I’ve kept the design (for now) pretty clean and simple, but am excited about playing with better navigation and widget-embellishments [critique & suggestions welcome]. So excited, in fact, that I stay up way past my bedtime (ahem) getting distracted and geeking out on new web 2.0 goodies; I’ll be sharing my discoveries and queries over the next few posts.

For example: What will usurp YouTube, what all the Twitter is about, what happens when you blend the raw search power of Google with Apple’s visual bliss revolution, and a subject we always love to explore over here at NKS — Love 2.0

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