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Freelancing abroad in the Holy Land for 18 days

WHAT? I can’t hear you over the wailing Hindi music!

Yes, I know. Anyone who has visited NKS in the past week, (perhaps surreptitiously while at work with the volume up) — I apologize. But look: I finally figured out how to turn off the auto-play on my stylish music widget (check sidebar; press play to hear little orange guy spin).

…I’m tinkering around.

Yes I’m on ‘vacation’. I’m also at work. The thing is, I have to learn asap the DL on php etc. + more idk b4 eow b/c i’m wrkng 4 a 2.0 comp. ok? btw sms = chpr in UK&ME + my il. mins. = ltd. so ive got use 2 txting. (Anyone who knows me well will know this is not something I do willingly. Grammar is a beautiful thing.)

Speaking of grammarless enterprises, check out Zlango, a company that is attempting to replace txt orthography with a universal sms symbol language. Aside from comments I might have, as a naming consultant, about the name, the premise is beautiful — create a “revolutionary new way of globally communicating in our ever-evolving, multi-lingual world” (that’s not their slogan, I’m just in copywriting mode).

However — as idealistic as that is, tell me that trying to find the different little symbols in their UI (again: witholding design commentary) isn’t as slow as typing out the whole damn message?

And when you’re online checking them out, why not take a peek at this: Out Of Town, a series of “webisodes” by Flavorpill and sponsored by Redkin. It’s a nice product promotion idea — get people to watch your Simple Life meets Real World and then watch a commercial at the end. My only beef (aside from the fact that they don’t have a San Francisco edition I can apply for) is that the “Urban Experiment” tagline says first “Don’t follow. Initiate.” and then quickly urges you to “Be part of it.” Ah, the joys of contradictory culture generating.

Okay. So I’ve been online a lot lately. Like I said — I’m tinkering around. (If you hadn’t already noticed the painfully pixelated masthead picture…place holder, I promise.) I’m trying to keep up with the Web 2.0 kids, alrighty? While working in Israel for just such a company, I’ve been wet with “media-rich,” “social-networking,” “sharing platform,” “widgets-embedded,” “micro-portal,” “online presence” harah (pardon my Hebrew).

Which reminds me: when I travel I like to post word/phrase sections on whatever language is being spoken. But Hebrew, which has no vowels and has to be interpreted in-context, is much like sms: For a non-native speaker it is difficult to write, impossible to read, and has the usefulness over English in only a very small sphere.*

*To my Israeli hosts: I love your language like I love your hummos — heartily. Bevakasha: no offense taken? Toda. Shalom.

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  1. M says:

    I think you have created a career position for yourself…Mobile Verbal Branding Consultant, “Have names will travel.”

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