Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Time for Turkish Lesson Number İki (two)! — keeping in mind Shannon may have spelled some things incorrectly…

Yok Ba (Yohk bah) “I don’t believe it” Best when said to someone giving you a compliment and you want to reply (always while smiling) “stop it…” or “shucks…”

Allahla! (Ah-la-la) “Come on!” as if in frustration or anger

çok nefis (choke neh-fees) “very delicious”

çok gözel (choke goo-zehl) Lıterally “very beautiful” used frequently for “very good”

Çabük (cha-bewk) “quick”

Yavaş (yah-vash) “slow”

Nefesalmak (neh-fes all-mahk) “to breathe”

Yavaş, yavaş… nefes al, nefes ver “slowly… breathe out, breathe in”

Ban gelem! (bahn geh-lehm) Literally (I think) “I’ve arrived” as in “I’m cooomiiiing!” Best when shouted as running back to someone who is calling you.

Bir, iki, üç! Benim legal! (beer, eekee, ewch! behn-em leh-gahl!) “1, 2, 3! Follow me!” Best when shouted right before jumping off a 10m high cliff into the crystal blue sea.

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