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For those language freaks out there (I know I’m not the only one), I’m posting some “Turkish Basics” (the following half dozen words or so make up my entire working repatoire of Turkish. Very extensive.)

Why are you finding a Turkish language lesson here on NKS? Because it’s fun to read. It’s fun to write; I love this language. It makes me feel happy and challenged, like I’m chewing on too many chocolate marbles at once. Tip for pronounciation: pretend you’re chewing on too many chocolate marbles at once.

Merhaba! [Mare-a-bah] “Hi!”

Lütfan [Loot-fahn] “Please”

Teşekkür ederim [Tesh-uh-koor] “Thank you”          

Nereda? [Nare-eh-dah] “Where?”

Ne Kaddir? [Neh Kahd-deer] “How much?”

 Hayir [hah-yeer] “No”

Evet [Eh-veht] “Yes”

Na Ber [Nah Behr] (soft, uvular ‘r’) “What’s up?” from Ne Haber “What is the news?”

Hoşc¸akal (‘c’ should have a cedilla…can’t find it on this keyboard) [Hosh-cha-cahl] “Bye” (if you are the person leaving…don’t know how to say if you’re the person staying… so always make sure to leave first)

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