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to take a stand

scores upon scores upon scores of people like ocean waves
have crested and fallen, broken, upon these shores
and still, in that surf I search and I search and I search,
heartbroken for meaning,
as if some tiny starfish is going to emerge gleaming miraculous
when I know there is only heaps of foam to wade through

there being no end to an ocean

but who else more equipped to love but an ocean?
its incessant beatings a true constant affection
there is solace in apathy

the waves only crashing angrily against ankles in defiance of
stability we find in sand’s wetness
because I know
and he knows
and maybe you know, that standing is relative,
and a wet ass ain’t nothing
when you’re crazy, when you’re crazy, you’re crazy.

§204 · June 15, 2006 · Poetry · · [Print]

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  1. Ian says:


    ..except for those damn shades of optimism. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and chalk them up to the codeine.

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