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Let there be white!

My powercord, which was so inconventiently ‘misplaced’ during my Israeli security stint has finally been replaced! All it took was five broken English phone calls, two cyclo rides, a taxi ride, and $110USD to get my beautiful white MacBook’s battery charged. We’re back in business!

This also means I can now upload all of my pictures to date (link coming soon, sincerely). In the meantime, I will leave my Most Dearest, Darlingest Readers with a visual of the infamous Vietnamese Squat. All it takes is years of yoga, daily stretching, and complete self-abandon. A good conversation partner doesn’t hurt, either.

(Me and Grandma Ba waiting for a boat to cross the river. She told me I should buy a house near her so we can be neighbors.)

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3 Comments to “The Ubiquitous Squat”

  1. Aunt Penni says:

    Yes, sweetheart Shannie, YOU need the yoga,etc to be able to sustain that stance, but I notice g’ma gets to sit on a rock. I think I might be purchasing one of those little tripod cane deals that fold into a chair that people use on golf courses…..instant sitting without the squat pain. However, it would still leave you much taller than your compatriots, thus making conversation difficult. Oh well, just keep up the muscle tone so you can keep communicating!
    Love you, Aunt P

  2. lonnie says:

    or you need to have been for a few years at an army outpost where there are toilet seats…..LOL

  3. lonnie says:

    NO toilet seats , i meant to say…oops

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