Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Eruption of chaos with children and mandarin oranges and visitors and bimbim snacks and gutteral sounds and smells of chicken livers, petral, coal, incense, burning papers, pomelos, cooked rice steam and tea; cold weather and smog and laughter and misunderstandings and stilted English (theirs) and primitive Vietnamese (mine) and sweet yellow bean cake and xoi and sleeping mats and herbs and street vendors and mangey dogs and women on bicycles with billowing parachutes of balloons and flowers and chickens in bamboo baskets and orange and cherry blossom trees, bananas on the alter, sweets trays, ground peanuts, green banh chung chay, “chuc mung nam moi” and red, red, everywhere.

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2 Comments to “The Scene”

  1. Kathleen B. says:

    Mmm. I can see Vietnam with the assistance of your words. You are my view on the Far East. Is there yoga in Vietnam and, if so, did you try it? You would look fantastic in that Vietnamese style dress. You’ll know the word. Be safe, have fun, enjoy every moment. :) K.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I feel like I’m there

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