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It has come to my attention that there is very serious void in Ugly Pants Tracking. We have all seen them — ugly pants. But not until now have I realized the extent of the problem, nor the complete lack of keeping tabs on their proliferation. Someone must keep tabs, and I am that someone. Thus, behold: a new category on my still-nascent blog — the Ugly Pants Category.

Today’s entry is the undeniably charming DKNY Men’s Leather Pants found on Ebay complete with apology (“I unfortunately own”), a narrative (“I bought them many, many years ago under the spell of a woman…”) and a tagline (“Stylish. Expensive. Very much a bad purchase for me”) with is always appreciated by this copywriter. I advise acting quickly — a deal like this doesn’t last long in San Francisco.

It’s a good read, to boot.

Further Ugly Pants notification, please contact me .

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