Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Sorry to get political again, but… it’s that time of year. I promise I’ll keep it brief.

An informative chart from The Washington Post (which also appeared in the New York Times, and others) shows tax cuts/raises for respective income levels.

I found it really interesting, as I am of mixed mind regarding taxes, fiscal policy, etcetera; it usually comes down to my general support of higher taxes in theory (yes, I really just said that), but my almost always opposing what’s done with those taxes in practice (I’m talking bi-partisan here… they’re both to blame.)

If I’m ever making $603,403 annually (God willing), I feel like maybe it’s okay to be paying more into the pot (I know, I know: check back in with me when I am…) However, I do feel sympathy for those business owners whose inherently American values of “I pulled myself up by my bootstraps, I earned it, it’s mine”) are facing radically higher taxes only to see those taxes being dumped into a bank bailout, or pork-barrel legislation… or a war.

I guess I’d just feel less desperate funding these things while I’m pulling down 600k.

From a purely non-partisan, objective angle now, I simply found the Washington Post’s tax chart interesting because I know that amidst all this tax talk from both candidates, my brain spins to follow. What does it mean for me, and what does it mean for you. And… do I care what it means for “you,” if I’m coming out even, or ahead? (Uh… my answer is, I do. Really: I do. Remember, we’re all connected, My Child.)

While we instinctively react to “tax cuts for me=good; raising taxes for me=bad,” it really has more to do with principles that surpass being either Republican or Democrat; surpasses free market capitalism or bleeding-heart socialism (… or worse / …or better) and has to do with what kind of society we want to live in, and how the hell do we make our ideals manifest, anyway? What are the best cultural values to posses — mass compassion or inner resolve? Does our country work better when we help “all boats rise together,” or “put on our own oxygen mask before assisting others”?

Wow. This isn’t brief at all! This is a complex question with no clear answer [she says, doe-eyed], certainly not one that can be solved by one guy or one party… or one hardly-read, inconsequential “blogger.”

This is all too much. What’s a girl to do? I guess I’ll just vote for the third party.*[1]

* Important note: this is sarcasm. I don’t actually intend to vote for Paris. I’m not a fan, per se, but found myself curiously garnering respect for the girl when she launched this video. I think it was the fact that, despite preconceived notions, I discovered that she can actually form a coherent sentence. Good for you, P.H.!

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    Rock on, Shannon!

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