Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Christopher David DeJong Feb. 14, 1976 – Nov. 20, 2007 It’s been a long year since you left us, yet the loss is still fresh. Slowly the pain lessens and is replaced with memory, but the “missing” will always be there. Let us miss you without selfishness, without desperation, but only with love. You will […]


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Oh, who am I kidding- There is no Robot-Lego FlashDance going on — I don’t even own legos.


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Mother’s Day was emotional but uplifting; energy around the household has been a little tense as Mom, Pop and I realize that grief comes in colors outside a hue of blue. There is also anger, fear, loneliness, and some other disorienting shade of grey that sort of lingers around your eyes when you first wake […]


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