Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Typing furiously, with pearls of sweat upon her brow, Ms. deJong — a non-caffeine-drinker — remarks, “I’ve had one dainty cup of Turkish coffee and am atlamak-ing off the walls!

She and her mother finally set off for Faralye, the original desination of their Turkish adventure, for a week of twice-a-day yoga, blue waters and homemade vegetarian Turkish food. They find very simple lodgings: 2 beds with nets (for mosquitos), hardwood floor with woven rug (Turkish), mud fireplace (working in winter), and an asian-style toilet and shower room with solar-powered hot water (sporadic): perfection!



There are several köşks, which are little pillowed platforms for lounging — one hovers above the ground amidst the trees with a proud looking tomcat languidly licking his milk-stained paw, the other juts out over the startingly blue Mediterranean waves and serves as a picture frame ideal to güzel günler batim (beautiful setting suns).


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