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San Francisco — Investigations are underway to confirm whether another Starbucks Coffee store did, in fact, close it’s doors for business. The 123 Battery at Pine location had doors shut and lights off at 1:23 PM, which is otherwise during normal business hours.

A man wearing a dark colored business suit outside peered inside the store window and commented that he found the closure confusing.

“I thought Starbucks was always open. Dude, where’s my coffee?”

A search on the company site store locator did not indicate any such closure; however, a call to the number listed was unsuccessful and was directed to what seemed to be a fax number, indicated by the incessant high pitched “eeeeeeeee.oooooo.eeeeee” at the end of the ring, ring, ring.

A call and email to the company headquarters have gone yet unreturned, but an employee at the Grant and Bush location — a few blocks away — did comment:

“I’m not aware of any closure on Battery. But I do know the 50 Beale location recently closed down. It’s been really hard for the Beale folks– they’ve had to cross Market Street to get a cup o’ joe.”

The employee was unaware as to the reasons for the store closure.

San Francisco is home to over 70 retail stores, with 53 of them densely packed into a 2 mile radius of the financial district.

The high count of store locations thus far has been no doubt enabled by the volumous demand for caffeine by downtown San Franciscans, so with the winter weather fast approaching, coffee beverages at every block will no doubt be in high demand — and with the favorite holiday drink selection such as Eggnog, Gingerbread, and Pumpkin flavored latt├ęs — this Downtowner holds her breath in anticipation in the hopes that another valued store does not close it’s doors.

I’ll keep you posted.

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