Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

The New York Times reported this story today, titled “Leaving the Wild, and Rather Liking the Change” about native peoples of the Amazon rainforest that seemed to suddenly decide they were “ready to join the modern world.”

True, I’ve never had to walk hundreds of miles to dart-gun a monkey for dinner, but let me tell you: sometimes after a day in the city — with sirens screaming round the clock, homeless near-corpses littering the sidewalks, over-amped taxi drivers streaming through crosswalks, and pigeons deciding to perch upon my newly purchased, fresh-organic machi with al dente asparagus tips salad — my god! do I want to greet the Nukak-Mak├║ group at the Columbian forest edge and yell “Go back, before it’s too late! Turn around before you turn into this!” whence I will commense gesticulating wildly and frantically point at my overpriced blonde highlights and tastefully conservative heels.

Welcome to the jungle.

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