Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Shannon would like to timidly announce her first “poetry” reading this Thursday, where she will be reading all-original, highly-amateuristic, and ever-questionable poems from her stint in Penngrove.

But seriously, I’m excited to be reading with some local poets and friends I’ve made while living in sleepy Sonoma County. I’ve learned so much about humility, the importance of having the confidence to suck, and giving what deserves priority, priority.

And although I’m sure very few of you readers out there can make it to the reading (nor would/should you, in all honesty, want to) I want to the thank you for your readership, your comments, and your support; Not Keeping Score was started as a project to get this young woman to write, regardless of topic, genre, (or quality) — and continued to write she has.

For better or worse.

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