Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

As in: “Cha-a! You scored, dude!” And, of course, that which I am constantly Not Keeping.

Segway: I have to introduce you to a very cool idea: The Big Word Project, an attempt to redefine the meaning of words as re-associated with virtual places. People can purchase words at $1/letter and then assign them to their sites, whether they be individuals or companies.

Not only is it a great viral marketing experiment, but what a way to make money: selling words that, really, nobody owns simply for the value of exposure. Brilliant.

Of course I’m thinking, Why didn’t I think of that? Ah, I guess my million dollar website idea is yet to be.

You can be sure I bought a word (two, actually). Take a gander at the sidebar to the right, and you can view my pretty little scrabble-like word tile: SCORE. Why, yes, I think it was.

Can you guess what my other word-purchase was?

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2 Comments to “Score!”

  1. alia says:

    I’ve just caught up… and may I restate that what you’re doing is incredible, inspiring, and ever so f*ing poignant. Not just the writing, which is exceptional, but the process itself… every step. Keep walking.

  2. alia says:

    oh, and I can’t begin to guess your other word.

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