Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

I’m standing by my Perspective Fund and its inevitable teachings — especially the redirection of complaining into action.

I posted about two complaints (#4 & #5) having to do with my current physical condition – chronic shoulder pain and acne – and I used the time I would have otherwise whined like a 2-yr-old to instead call my general care physician for an appointment for both a determotologist and orthopedic (God Bless HMO’s and the run-arounds)*; see an acupucturist (I figure I’ll cover my bases with both Eastern and Western medicine); order an ergonomic keyboard; get a facial; and write on the chalkboard 100 times that Yes, people like me, nobody hates me, and I shouldn’t go eat worms.

And wouldn’t you know it — progress. After a year of complaining about, well, a lot of things, but these two specifically, I finally discovered that a major side effect of a medication I’m on causes acne, and I’m coming off of it. And my ergonomic keyboard arrived today and hoo-boy — what a difference it makes (with a $135.95 price tag, it better).

Who knew that typing hunched over on a MacBook all day would strain the body?

It doesn’t make life perfect, but it sure makes life better; all complaining did was make me feel like a shmuck (and –okay– every once in awhile, better).

Worth the $5/pop lesson so far.

*Sarcasm is NOT the same as a complaint!

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2 Comments to “Redirection II”

  1. alia says:

    YES! Not only was that a fabulous piece of writing, you inspired me to use a proper keyboard as well, as my new shoulder pain can only be down to the same, hunching over the damned beautiful computer. X

  2. m says:

    hey, Shannon,
    people LOVE you, not just like..
    you are a treasure.

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