Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Q: Dear All Things,
What is the point of being… you know: what’s the meaning of life? Just curious.
With appreciation,

A: Dear Gray,
To find out! Ain’t that funny?
Good Luck,
P.S. Oh, and yourself.


Q: Dear Everything,
So how do we find ourselves?

A: Dear You,
Perfectly aligned always! Ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha…with who we are in every moment always always because we are we…Ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha! No need to look. You can’t do anything anyway! HA! Everything happens of its own accord, every hour perfect, every day dawns/downs. You know? But keep looking!:D
The Entirety of Existence


Q: Dear Universe,
Hey, it’s me again. Gray. Yeah, um, so if everything is being done, how do I look? What practice do I do?

A: Dear Dear One,
What’s practice? A-ha ha ha! Just do that.
Hope that helps,


Q: Dear God,
One more questoin. Just do what?
In clarification,

A: Dear –
LOL. You’re funny!
Good one,


Q: God?
I don’t get it.

A: Still here! No beginning no end no eyes no ears no mouth tee hee hee form is emptiness emptiness form ha ha ha no suffering and no extinction of suffering pretty cool right? ha ha ha h–what was your question?
-Knower of the Unknowable

Q: Knower,
I don’t remember… um… I don’t know.
-One who asks

A: Dear Asks,
Over and out,
P.S. Wanna play a game? You let go. I’ll drive. Cool!


Q: Dear That Which Is,
Thank you. I love you.

A: Dear Gray,
You’re welcome.

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