Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

The sun wasn’t the only thing to come out yesterday in San Francisco.


Rainbow-colored balloons, gospel singers, fetish proponents, pet adoption agencies, celebrities and even the authorities themselves — everyone seemed to take pride being a part of the 2006 Gay Pride Parade.

Hundreds of thousands of people flocked along Market Street and Civic Center to celebrate one of the largest pride celebrations in the world.

Famous faces included actor Leslie Jordan, “L Word” star Jennifer Beals, Mayor Gavin Newsom and Elivra.

“This is so exciting! I love getting to be a part of this!” said Jeff Hindenach, a South Bay resident who had rented a hotel room in the city to be able to participate in the weekend-long festivities.

“This blows any other pride parade I’ve been to out of the water,” smiled Lindsay Lebrune of San Jose, referring to the size and turnout of the parade.

Although locals and visitors alike reveled in the color, spectacle and party-like atmosphere that enveloped downtown, others enjoyed being able to revel in the symbolism of the day.

“It’s not about being gay. It’s about freedom” declared Shannon DeJong of San Francisco. “This has always been an important issue for me — gay rights — not because I was gay, per se, but because I should have a right to be. I would never want to be denied freedoms because of who I am, so it follows suit that I should be a proponent of those who are denied freedoms because of who they are. We should all have a right to be who we are, freely, equally.” She stepped down from the rickety soapbox upon which she was balancing and received a high five from a cute brunette.

“Wait, wait, wait!” DeJong yelled, grabbing this interviewers attention with her voice. “Aaaaand, just look at this parade. Crazy shit. Now, do we live in one of the best cities in the world, or what? Where else could you have a rainbow-striped cross without inciting riots? San Francisco, that’s where.”

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