Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Today I really think I’m going to ask you to, you know, talk—but I chicken out. I want to yell this to you, yell: How Much Do You Cost? But I think this might be construed as rude.

[Night three: Acrositic poem with dactylic tetrameter (kinda); rhyme scheme ababbaba]

Trannie appears with the fleeing of day
Reaching her hips out across lonely streets
Ah! How I want to have confidence! Say: ‘
Now, look here, Girl — are you going for sweet?
No one believes you are anything but meat
Ipso (jons) Facto: they’re looking t’get laid
Enter the world of passion and heat!
S‘pose, though, you’re looking for more than just pay?’

(what is this?)

§122 · February 8, 2006 · Love Project, Tranny Prostitute · · [Print]

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