Taking no prisoners. Including herself.


(dear Trannie,)

I really mean you no offense. I am so fascinated by you. You look so stunning and strange there in that silver off-the-collar V-neck thingie. (I couldn’t pull that off.) You have these great shoulders which shine. I wonder today: how much do you cost?

[Night two: rhymed, metered]

I see you, Trannie, getting ready
to take your flight upon the night
Despite stilettos, ever steady
Your body sells, I wish you well.

My Dearest Trannie, where do you roam?
O’er to the park cloaked now in dark?
Stay the car? Abscond to someone’s home?
I feel there’s no suitible go –

And, Trannie, love — about this here fee:
(so deserving for your serving)
High or low? What is the price pays he?
I pray the Dip includes a tip…

And so we sew a difference
you and I — for you: pay, for me: love
but really what’s the difference
when it comes to sex, or hope, or — love

(what is this?) 

§121 · February 8, 2006 · Love Project, Tranny Prostitute · · [Print]

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