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Wedesday night (May 30) I’ll be presenting at Pecha Kucha, a showcase for design talent and ideas in San Francisco.

(…I’m getting some help from an architect/designer friend of mine…)

The format of Pecha Kucha is dictated by each presentation — on any topic you like — consisting of 20 slides, 20 seconds each, and it goes down at 20:20 (8:20PM).

This was a natural extension of my 20/20/20 Project.
In order to create a presentation on modern dating, I had to revisit all of my date write-ups in an attempt to draw some conclusions about the influence of technology on love.

While doing the project, I was often asked whether anything came from any of the dates — did I find love through experimental writing projects? No, no, no, I would shake my head, thinking: this was a writing project… I never intended to actually meet anyone! Except for Date #11, who reads my blog occationally (maybe? perhaps no longer?), no one I still keep in contact with –

Er, but I’m wrong. I actually, um, did meet someone. (Crap. Now whenever anyone asks how we met, I actually have to say I met my boyfriend by posting an ad on Craigslist.)

You see, I didn’t think I had met anyone. Date #18 was actually an “un-date.” He never expressed a desire to be part of my Project… just wrote to say he thought what I was doing was… interesting. He read my blog. He did wacky projects of his own. That was that.

But suddenly, I found myself a couple dates short, back there in December of 2005. This dude had been telling me about this zany idea he had for a Project having to do with Edward Furlong. I said we should do it… (“and can I call you Date #18, puh-lease?”)

Well, we never met. Rained out.

Months later I had a couple of friends asking me about this Project Furlong business, when was it going to go down? Shit, I thought, these people actually took me seriously. So I emailed What’s-his-name.

Nothing happened. We lost touch.

Fast-forward a year: I needed someone to sublet my apartment for a month as I was moving out of San Francisco. Lo and behold, guess who was looking for a place to stay for one month? We met for a burrito and the rest, as they say, is history.

Why have I gone into this indepth description of my personal life? Well, to set the record straight: I guess you can find everything in life on Craigslist.

My only warning: if you throw your love-hook into the dating pool, be careful with what you might catch:


For more on love, control, technology, online dating and the 20/20/20 Project, you can see Shannon present at this month’s Pecha Kucha:

30 Ritch St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
Between Townsend and Brannan (SOMA)

Doors open at 19:00
Show starts at 20:20

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  1. bob says:

    i still read you. don’t forget to write every day. i want to read your book.

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