Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Perhaps because “effects of modern life on mental health” is a central theme of my show BURST; perhaps because I am a newly-hatched iPhone (ab)user; or perhaps because I am both terrified and titillated by the inevitable momentum of this world into one more virtual — either way, when I read this ( “Internet Addiction Center Opens in U.S.” – NPR.org ) and watched this ( a Sony Vaio spot ) and found the stage website about Social Media Addiction (genius marketing, Sony), I couldn’t help but feel… well, intrigued. Vindicated. Stimulated. Angry. Old. Inspired. Lonely. Fearful. Sad…


[Time Lapse: 120 minutes]

I’d finish this post, but I seriously just got sidetracked watching YouTube videos and reading NPR articles on social media as it relates to mental health. God save me us all.

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