Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Covered in poison oak at the moment, and barely able to type with calamine-encrusted fingers. Last time I ever take those damn dogs for a walk in the forest.


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5 Comments to “Oatmeal Bath for One, Please”

  1. kathi DeJong says:

    If its any consolation, I loved that walk with you! Next time, we don’t take the road less traveled.

  2. julianne says:

    ohhhh gawd, I’m so sorry. I had poison oak on my neck and arms last October, and it SUCKED! Hope you’re surviving, and at least enjoying the oatmeal baths — that sounds like one benefit!

  3. m says:

    What a drag! Time for an Itchy ‘n’ Scratchy cartoon!
    hang in there, mighty Shannon!

  4. Tasha Ward says:

    I’ll remember that the next time I think about taking my dogs for a walk. :)

  5. Aunt Penni says:

    Shannie, you know better. If you ever had it before, you know not to chance a repeat….I HATE poison oak. Probably the greatest thing about our home here is the fenced yard where Beavo cannot bring me that cursed rash! It is steroid time. Best way to rid yourself of the rash. Plus, of course, wash the doggies, who could give it to you again and again!!
    BTW…Happy Birthday to Shannie, repeat to a tune.
    Aunt Penni

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