Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Returned from Doubtful Sound boat trip, a stunning piece of Peace. Traveling the fiords, the vistas and sharp sheer rock faces a bed for moss, fern, and eventually self-sustaining tree flora, an island 1.6 meters high and barely 500 feet long (mixing my measurements!) containing 85% of NZ rainforest species. Wow.

But the highlight not the sights, strangely, but the sound, or lack of sounds, when we stopped for a silent 4 mins. at the end of Crooked Arm. The boat engines were turned off, and everyone was asked to not speak, not move, not use cameras or devices, total stillness. Suddenly everything went calm, and then it was all alive. The water a mirror, reflecting the trickle of waterfalls, the gushing of waterfalls! and the distant symphony of birds, a dozen different calls.

And what that? The breeching of dolphins, under the stern, puffing out water softly through blow holes. A magical green. I could have lived forever, I did live forever, or maybe died instantly, in that silent 4 mins. A true showing of God: “Love! Love! We are all forever this love.”

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