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The Land of Enchantment: Part 2
If you’re visiting New Mexico, you won’t be able to avoid green chili. Go on, try some. (This, coming from someone who thinks Pace Picante Mild is too spicy.) By day three I’m eating jalapeños whole. Hey — it’s better than menudo.

This is Abraham, and that’s his tiny shop:

He is located on the main drag a few feet from the central plaza. He’s got prepared burritos, and an enchilada bowl (tortilla pieces, beans, cheese, smothered in chili). His green chili is just green chilis — not even any broth. It is slow stewed and hot. Get a bowl of it to go and eat it right out of the styrofoam with plastic spork at a plaza bench. You won’t be disappointed.

DICK’S (map)
A deli, bar and restaurant, this is the place for big plates of food, fresh deli sandwiches, or tall glasses of brew. Service and food are pretty dependable; the bar is a center point for the [ahem] “nightlife” of Las Vegas. Go with someone who’s in with local sports, you’ll get better reception. Keep an eye on your wallet, though — and not because the drinks are pricey.

Landmark Grill Restaurant: They have a killer garden burger, but you will be charged 75c for anything “extra” besides lettuce… okay – fine – they charge you only for grilled onions, mushrooms, avocado, and green chili — but shouldn’t a garden burger come with those things? I’m not a meat eater, but the one I was with wasn’t happy with the lack of pink in his “medium rare” steak. The stout, tattooed and mustached piano player in the lobby is what it’s all about.


Grass fed beef? Fresh organic produce? Homeopathic & herb remedies… in Las Vegas, New Mexico?! If you thought this was a middle-of-no-where town with only lard enchiladas for dinner, you’re only half right — what a life-saver for a yippie like myself to find a cold kombucha in the refrigerator section of this small but stocked grocery store.

…no, they don’t sell “oregano.” But they do have a fantastic selection of bulk dried herbs, teas, salves, and anything else your new-age heart desires. Dale, the owner, is helpful and friendly, touts being the first licensed masseuse in northern New Mexico, and also gives a wicked chair or table massage — if you like it so deep you want your scapula’s readjusted, this is the place. Good prices, too: at the time of this post, 1 hr. = $45 

Advice: don’t get a massage alone after dark. The massage is harmless enough, but getting back to your car in this “kind of Wild Wild West town” can undo everything the massage sought to accomplish, especially if your cousin decides to hide behind a dumpster and scare the bajeezus out of you as you cross the street.

To be continued…

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  1. Aunt Penni says:

    OK, I lost something..Why are you in New Mexico? I have been there, and could share stories about why not to go back …
    Tell me what is going on when you have time.
    Love, Penni

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