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The Land of Enchantment: Part 3
Most of what I like about New Mexico is it’s yawning expanses, and it’s “Old West” feel. It is just such another world from Northern California.

Especially in Las Vegas, where clearly not much has changed in many years — I like it that way.

There is some progressive spirit here, though. Apparently there is a least one Obama supporter in this town:

I was looking at real estate in NM — well, I was interested in a house that my cousin helped build and was recently put on the market. I had dreams of moving to the New Mexican desert, and just… writing. No neighbors but horses. No surroundings but dirt, a cliff-face, a river. Too bad the carpentry wasn’t plumb and the roof lacked sufficient insulation. That kind of stuff can be a real bummer in the winter.

You can view all NM pictures here. (Mainly of the house I did not buy)

Last year’s visit to NM pics here.

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  1. Sneak King says:

    That house seems a little….dodgy. And yeah, heat in the winter might not be such a bad idea – too bad whoever built that house didn’t think of it !!

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