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Dearest NKS Readers and The Occasional Surfer Who Stumbles onto My Site by Googling  ”Oddwall,”  ”Cragslist dates,”  or  ”How Much Does a Transvestite Cost?”   (top searches that turn up this blog):

I apologize that Project Muu-Muu was put on hold after only two days — but what with the rising cost in gas, I couldn’t make it over to Goodwill for a muu-muu restocking… that, and this week I’ve been attending the Butter & Eggs Day Parade, readying my garden for May flowers, and packing for New Mexico — plane takes off in 10 hours! –will write soon!

–Your Ever-Dedicated Author

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  1. Gloria Aukeman says:

    I can’t wait to read about your trip to Santa Fe. It has always been one of my favorite retreats – the smells, the food, the people. I love that it rains when the sun is out and gives a person just enough time to browse the shops while attempting to stay dry. I wish I was there.

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