Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

I know.

I’ve been horridly neglectful – know that although we Penngrovians like to take things slowly, there’s been a surprising amount of distraction in this little country bumpkin’s life, resulting in lack of posts: The second annual SlinkyFest was fun and festive; Grandpa’s memoir has kept me busy; I’ve been working on my poetry (of all things) with new friends Richard Denner and David Bromige, and I’m making preparations for a trip to Turkey.

But I promise interesting tidbits and Not Keeping Score-isms soon.

In the meantime, check out this lovely piece of human beauty compliments of The Smoking Gun. We’re introducted to Bryan James Hathaway, a young man who got frisky with a deer carcass. Note page three, when — in defense — his lawyer quotes Billy Crystal.

(I love people.)

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  1. mamma R squared says:

    ew. that is all.

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