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Kind, Unique Readers,
See, this is yet another reason why I love Craigslist: it spawns more questions than it answers.
Case in point: today, I posted this ad in the Missed Connections section of Craigslist:

Smiling like a crazy person down Montgomery St., you noticed me? – 24 (San Francisco)
Reply to: pers-119757012@craigslist.org
Date: 2005-12-21, 4:44PM PST

I was that cute spunky blonde in the typical financial district garb. I was walking down Montgomery with a smile on my face I couldn’t hide. Why? Who the hell knows. I was happy. I think you saw it, and it was catching.

You smiled too.

There was just a moment–I’m not really sure–but I think you dug that I was smiling to myself like a crazy person. You thought to yourself “now there’s someone who’s enthusiastic to be alive; doesn’t even need a reason to smile, or laugh, just does for doing it.” And perhaps you also thought “now, there’s someone I’d like to talk to.”

So here’s your chance.

this is in or around San Francisco
no — it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Now, I have to make it clear that I did NOT have anyone in particular in mind; however, I AM a spunky blonde, I WAS all dressed up ready for a client meeting, I DID make other people smile as I walked to work this morning as I most certainly WAS walking down Montgomery smiling and laughing to myself — it’s something I do. I’m happy: so sue me.

I got a response.
The response was:

So, why were you so happy? (I think that might have be me…out in front of the Transamerica Building, right?)

My questions are:
1. Did this person really see me? I did pass by the Transamerica.
2. Did they see another spunky smiling blonde?
3. Is this person just saying they saw me? (Saying “Transamerica” is a pretty safe bet)
4. What are the chances that someone who saw me in the span of 10 minutes on my way to work ALSO happened to look today on Craigslist in Missed Connections?
5. If I hadn’t of posted, would it have mattered? When I walk down the street “smiling like a crazy person” am I affecting other people without knowing it? How many of these small connections are we making everyday? It’s not uncommon to smile at someone when they smile first–I think it’s refreshing to acknowledge perfect strangers (a little more rare in a big city, perhaps). What other level does posting on Craigslist bring to that? It’s a nice tribute to a larger social dialogue.

Generating Questions in an Answer-Driven World,

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3 Comments to “More Craigslist Craziness”

  1. se says:

    does your journalism prof really object to this? i think he (she? don’t know, irrelevant) should be encouraging you to stretch the writing muscle. anything out of the norm from what is typical leads to growth! style develops. do you want to be a reporter or a writer???

  2. you better believe I'm keeping score says:

    Um-I’d like to know who reader #2 is.

    And just when did your journalism professor object?

    I’ll kick his butt. This is the best waste of time EVER!

  3. alia says:

    weird. i love it.

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