Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

We’ve barely left the hotel, so I don’t have much to show for my time yet in London.

It is very very cold and rainy in London right now, so K. and I have been bundled up. But we braved the weather and went for a long walk yesterday around Paddington area until we found the best Eritrean food at Mosob (fantastic kitfo, order raw/medium) with an owner who wanted to give us lots of geography challenges. Which we met impressively, I might add. Can you think of 10 countries in the world spelled with only four letters? I’ll give you a hint: Peru is one.

Or how about 13 different capitals that begin and end in the same letter? For example: Oslo.

Our dinner took 3 1/2 hours because he kept giving us more and more challenges which we gobbled up.

Today we drive out to Cornwall, and then next week we will be hiking 7 to 10 miles every day. I am so happy to be abroad. I just feel so relaxed and content to do the littlest things. Sat for an hour and a half in a cafĂ© (“Toast”) this morning just reading the paper. I love all the little differences, even in a country as similar to ours as England… The joy of just being witness .


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