Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Dear Kate,

Good morning. At your suggestion, I downloaded an emoji app for my iPhone. It gives me a strange, child-like joy now when I text. Be prepared for copious expressive, colorful little icons being blasted your way.

You can exist if you want to. You also get to choose how many times per week you take a shower. Just like you decided that you’d like your toes a blueberry color, because you just wanted it that way, you also may decide other things, just because it pleases you. There is no one/thing else but you.

Please show lots of love to the person to whom I show lots of love. In case you are over there in Boulder, CO with a look of confusion on your face, I will explain: I mean you. All parts of you, please. Every corner and shadow, please. They are the extra special parts that have energy to them.  All lovable.

I am very impressed by your peaches and chocolate and cookies pictures, and even more impressed with the culinary creation I know you and Robin are over there manifesting. I don’t blame either of you for thinking many of my dinner concoctions. It’s probably true that mustard and relish on tomato stew is odd. However, I really do urge you to try my newest dessert: on toast, spread 1/3 butter, 1/3 tahini, 1/3 lemon curd. I’ll even make you a slice!

That’s all for now. I’ll go sit in the sun now. Be seeing you soon.


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