Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

[Written 11/2010]

Dear Kate,

You go. You went. You left. All everyone has left (hyperbole). So, in your pose and out of your yoga you sought and found something which you know not but know yes that you needed. This is good.

Perhaps you came also to not only grow your own chair pose, but to teach me a little something of mine. You have stretched your edges and I think you have taught me to reel in mine. The whole 2nd ch. thing. It’s all becoming winter (you’re gone, I’ve decided I’m not dating any more, my brother has been dead nearly 3 years, I. is not writing and I don’t think intends to, people’s lives are going up in flames, horrendous random violence, death, evacuations and nervous breakdowns… and these are just between you and R. and I!)

There was more, but it was not written, and now, 2 years later, there is just this.

With love,

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