Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Welcome dear friend Kate,

I am glad you are following your destiny. I am glad I can help you do so in my small way. You are taking steps into thin air, and having faith the foot-stones will appear. Admirable. I salute you, and support you.

Thank you very much for the delicious meals you have been generously cooking for us. I loved the eggplant goulache, even though you thought it was strange. I’m glad you went with me to hip-hop dance, even though you left to run around the lake. Hip-hop is not for everyone, especially when The Lake calls. I’m looking forward to going to the farmer’s market with you this morning — perhaps there is kona coffee, perhaps there is magic tinctures from Rupam, or perhaps only organic chard and tomatos — and once I finish my wedding speech and work on my BURST script (yes, I am procrastinating by writing on my blog), we can go.

A sidenote to last night: I concede that I do, in fact, exist — but I also stand my earlier notion that I, in fact, don’t. Next time you pinch me hard enough to bruise in order to prove my existance, I will either evaporate the pain in the eternal flame of No-Place where nothing can reside as it is beyond even consciousness (I insist: there is not even Oneness) — or I will punch you.

Yin and Yang.

Remember: there is always time to “Advance” (to, as you like to put it, squeeze California’s golden juicy balls) — but for now: rest. Be in No-Time. There is nowhere to go, and nothing to do, but be in California. She can be an amazing healer. Let the next step come when its ready. It will appear, you will know it, and you will step–

I love you.

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