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Hello, Hanoi
(Part 1 of Many)

I love that Taipai airport.

Most of us may have lost touch with nature, and now run frantically toward technology to make us happy, but at least the Taiwanese know how to make a good substitute.

During my flight to Vietnam I had a 3 hour layover in Taipai. Already a little jet lagged and with a migraine starting, I wander the airport in search of somewhere to rest. I stumble across a “Green Relaxing Room” with images of flora, mountain tops, blue skies, and a winding path with live plants and trees.

Just to sit and walk among the living green ferns and ivy, to saunter around the penstamin, relieved the lungs and felt like a tall glass of water after 13 hours in the air.

But the folks at the Taipai airport don’t stop there — no. They include, as the back of this “green room,” a row of leather massage chairs, the really plush kind, that knead your lower back, rub your thoracic, shimmy your sacrum, and squish your calves.

All for free. Yes– free! The bastards are giving this stuff away, 10 minutes free massage time; and after those 10 minutes, plus a little Advil and the soothing sounds of a female Chinese voice over the intercom paging Lu Chi Chu or Tru Le Chan, my headache vanishes like the clouds over Taipai.

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