Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

After a recent conversation with some friends about the general running of the mind over that which doesn’t need to be run (?), and specifically the physical self in all of it’s glorious imperfections, challenges, and frustrations, I am realizing joyfully that this needless, indulgent cycle has no end — until, of course, we end it.

While I ain’t no Golden-Buddha-Monkey Zen Master than can turn off my superficial thoughts like a light switch, I am putting this rumination to good use.

I have been, as many of you know, the witness of many incidents of loss in recent weeks — a reminder of what a transitory time we have here, and how much precious time and valuable energy we spend worrying about things which are utterly, insanely, fantastically meaningless.

How strange that not even 2 months after the blow of my brother’s death I find myself still bemoaning that elusive 5 “extra” pounds we ladies (& some men? & some men!) love to fret about. 

Oh, the Luxury Worries! 

How much time — (the precious fleeting ticks of our lives!) — do we waste on these trivialities?

To find out, I am starting a “Perspective Fund” (aka, a shoe box) to which I will add $5 every time I needlessly bitch, whine, or complain about a physical problem — love handles, acne, flat hair, saggy boobs, knobby knees, crooked left middle toe — or quotidian problems clearly beyond my control — traffic, someone being late, the price of gas, a hole in my sock, someone mistaking me for an ewok — etc.

Using the equation time = money, this project aims to make me aware of just how much time/money I “willingly” throw away.

At the end of six months I will take accumulated funds and donate to a charity I feel strongly about*[1].

I have encouraged my friends and family to call me on my complaints when they hear them:

ME: “I wish my knees were cuter. They’re so… bumpy. [pout]”
THEM: ”Shannon! That’ll be $5!”

I’ve even encouraged them to consider doing a “Perspectives Fund” themselves. I would pose no less a challenge to you, Dear Readers…

Why does it matter to discover how much time we spend a-bitchin’? Because you can always make more money — but you can never get back time.

*[1] Of course, donating money to charity is hardly “throwing it away;” however, it’s better than burning the money after 6 months wholly on principle, right?

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2 Comments to “LAUNCHED: The Perspective Fund”

  1. alia says:

    I love you. You’ve got it! If I was a cooler human being I’d do one too, but it hurts me deeply enough just to put 20 percent of my earnings into savings for the tax man.

  2. alia says:

    Not that I’m complaining!!! I’m grateful for paved roads and stuff… kind of. But not really… in my soul. Oh, dear, it never ends does it?

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