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You knew it had to happen: with the dawning of the second calendar month of this glorious year of 2006, we witness the infamous V-Day approaching. Yay, Love! [!@#$%giggle*&^!]

In all seriousness, I’m not really in the mood. (I’ve been on codeine and antibiotics all month; I’m just ready to leave January behind, damn it. In fact, I considered doing a Bukowski-inspired project called The Codeine Chronicles where I spend a year on codeine and write dopey-nonsense-prose. But I digress.)

The most important reason we’re excited about February and Valentine’s Day, is that over here at Not Keeping Score we are “all about the love:” we explored the realms of online dating and the magic of Craigslist (a service for which we all have love), we love San Francisco, (we even love writing in the third person,) and we most certainly love Edward Furlong.

Speaking of the Furlong Project, I have a confession: it didn’t happen. But instead of going into why it has been postponed (rain, sickness, lobster cravings) I will instead perform a rapid About Face and present in its place: The Love Project, a grand over-arching project that contains within it such sub-projects as “Poetry to a Transvestite Prostitute“, “Generation Now”, “Get it Together”, “20/20/20 Hindsight” as well as some miscellaneous observations on love-associated topics and the subsequent definitions, manifestations and consequences of, thereof. (More Project information here.)

I should make one thing very clear: I am not an expert on Love. In fact, there are some out there that would assert that I’m the last person that should be writing on the subject; I am confused by love. I am afraid of love. But, perhaps the thing that qualifies me to wax philosophical on the topic is that — ah, hell. I love love!

On that embarrassingly touchy-feely note, let’s dive right in:


I found this ad on Maxim’s website, where I was reading an article “100 Things You Should Need To Know About Women” (not a bad read for complete misinformation), which is funny because when I went to Cosmo’s site there was an ad for hair removal and cellulite reduction. Go figure.

I could comment on the different ways men and women are taught to approach love in the media, or about the striking similarities between the models’ sex appeal in the two ads geared toward men and women, thus creating a society where women are taught to objectify other women as sex objects, too–

but I won’t. We all know it all ready, and none of us care. I just liked the idea of being “soaked by love” — so very “romance novel meets soft porn,” and in that way, hovering just above male and female stereotypes so as to be almost charming in much the same way mass consumerism of disposable goods in America is charming. But let’s move on, shall we?

Welcome to February. It’s time to get wet.

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2 Comments to “LAUNCHED: The Love Project”

  1. roya says:

    THis coincides nicely with Amy’s engagement:)….you should include her in your “love project parade”

  2. Jeff says:

    Little known fact: Codeine and antibiotics actually deliver an effect very similar to love. But, unfortunately, they can’t quite get the “soaked” part down. For that, you’d need some additional supplies. And probably a mop, I guess. I don’t know, sounds kind of gross to me.

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