Taking no prisoners. Including herself.


So we’re done with all that change goodness and moving on… and you know what that means! As the rains come and go and Spring begins to unfold, the creative elves are coming out of hibernation!

(Wait — you say — I didn’t know elves hibernate.) But they do! And they’re dusting the sleep-dust out of their eyes and working overtime to get ready for:

Happening this April! [Date TBD]

So get your crayola caps on, start revving those creative engines, and start your projects!

Details forthcoming on the Offical Slinky Webpage.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    YES! Let’s do it. Let’s slinkify. I can’t wait. I lay in bed and sketched for the first time in tooo long tonight. Bring it, April. What’s the date of Slinkfest #3? Thanks for being the best organizer ever, shanameran.

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