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The Project page has been updated to accurately reflect the current project situation (you can breathe a sweet sigh of relief. I know you were all worried there for a moment). And what’s more: we’ve got a new project to launch. Yippee!

This one is pretty fantastic. Be excited. Be very excited.

“Project JetSet”:
Go, go, go! Originally going to be limited to Hanoi, Vietnam (“Ahoy, Hanoi!”) this project has now been expanded to a greater scope: this spunky travel-whore plans to travel to as many “foreign” places as is possible in the next 30 days or so, and write about each one, perhaps in its own appropriately corresponding genre. (We’ll see how she feels.) Bear in mind that “foreign” is a relative concept… plans so far include LA, San Diego, Sonoma County (don’t worry, she DOES plan to leave California), Seattle; Hanoi, Vietnam, Laos and Bangkok. Got a travel suggestion? Send it on over!

To kick it off, last weekend I thought I’d start with one of the most foreign places I know: 7-11. Photos below are proof. A fellow convenient-store traveller and I visited every 7-11 we passed while driving from LA to San Diego and back. And who knew — not all 7-11′s are the same… well, ok: pretty much.

Powerstop along I-5.

Travel-partner Regina does a drive-by.

Fresh veggies at 7-11? Stunned.

There’s just nothing like a 7-11 in the San Deigo sun.

Travel to exciting new places. Make exciting new friends.

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