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I don’t know where I’ve been, but Kodak unveiled its new logo last week–a much more streamlined design created to help the company forge a new image as a cutting-edge, 21st century innovator:

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A departure from the previous 70-year-old logo, the new logo utilizes a custom typeface meant to give Kodak a more “contemporary look” reports the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

“We want to break out of the box, in a lot of ways,” said Betty Noonan, Kodak’s Brand Management and Marketing Services Director.

The new logo, however, does no such thing. In fact, it looks retro, not progressive, and lacks the presence of a company that wants to be a major player on the “digital photography playing field.”

“It is not graphic enough, and loses it’s weight and boldness” weighs in San Francisco designer Ben Cheong. “It looks back to a 70′s geometric era typeface.” Clearly not new and cutting edge.

Rebranding can be an essential move for a company looking to reinvent itself–whether from declining sales, lack of consumer recognition, or to position itself in new markets. But there is something to be said for tradition: if a company is lucky enough to have 70 years of equity behind it, scrapping a world-recognized logo isn’t done on a whim.

I’m sure great consideration was given. And the more time I spend with it, I think Kodak is on to something: perhaps they realized the whole Solid-Red-and-Yellow-Boxed-In-Logo thing just wasn’t differentiating enough, considering the crowded space:

kodak.php.jpg kodak.php.jpgkodak.php.jpg

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  1. you better believe I'm keeping score says:

    FOr some reason-the “d” “a” and “k” all look backwards to me!? I don’t get it.

  2. Jeff says:

    I always knew Kodak was a bunch of filthy commies. If you want 21st century madness, the new Doritos bag is what you’re after. It has crazy squiggly lines on it! Madness! It’s like the bag is going to explode and get cheesey chips everywhere!

  3. alia says:


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